Chain-of-Custody Certificate


Sea Trek Enterprises


A trusted source for quality seafoods since 1985…

Since our founding, Sea-Trek enterprises has established a national reputation as a trusted and reliable supplier of quality frozen seafood products such as: scallops, snow crab, white-shrimp and North Atlantic lobster. As the seafood business grows ever more global, Sea-Trek remains at the forefront by sourcing seafood worldwide from well-managed and sustainbale fisheries that protect the future of seafood and our industry.

The Sea-Trek Advantage:

  • Lean organization able to respond quickly in fast changing commodity markets
  • A reputation for integrity that earned us the goodwill of customers and suppliers world wide
  • Vast industry knowledge and expertise
  • One stop source for; Grade A and USDC (export) inspected products
  • Proven track record and knowledge of certification and export logistics for global markets
  • MSC chain of custody approved
Sea Trek Sea Scallops Seat Trek bay scallops
Frozen Snow Crab Frozen King crab

White Shrimp

Frozen seafood export sales Frozen seafood export sales
Sea Trek Rexsole Sea Trek lobster