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King Crab

Sea-Trek has dealt in Alaskan and Russian frozen King Crab and is increasing their market share every day. We mainly deal with Red King Crab (Paralithodes Camtschaticus) and Gold (or Brown) King Crab (Lithodes Aequispina). We have created strategic alliances with crab producers in both Alaska and Russia. Sea-Trek offers year round the most popular products including; legs and claws, select and merus portions as well as other value added forms including split legs and claws. We carry inventory of all different sizes year-round and keep product on inventory at various cold storage facilities nationwide.

King Crab Frozen King Crab

Product Forms:

  • King Crab Legs and Claws
  • King Crab Split Legs and Claws
  • King Crab Select Portions
  • King Crab Merus Portions - available upon request
  • King Crab Broiler Claws
Product sizes available Pack size
9/12 20lbs
12/14 20lbs
14/17 20lbs
16/20 20lbs
20/24 20lbs
20+ 20lbs

Frozen Russian King Crab Sea trek King Crab