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Export sales

Sea-Trek Enterprises is a major scallop and snow crab exporter. The Sea-Trek Gold brand of scallops and snow crab meat is widely recognized by some of the biggest importers worldwide. we currently export to the following regions:

  • EU (year round local warehousing in Antwerp available for LTL orders)
  • Russia
  • Australia
  • Asia
  • Central America/Caribbean

All our products are packed to conform to export regulations and are provide our customers with all required export documentation. Our packaging depicts multi lingual cooking instructions designed for many different markets/countries.

Frozen seafood export sales snow crab combo frozen seafood export sales lobster meat

We are currently exporting the following frozen seafood products:

Products Brand Pack Latin name
Sea Scallops
Sea-Trek Gold 10/1Kg or 10Kg Bulk Placopecten Magellanicus
Snow Crab Meat
Sea-Trek-Gold 20/400Gr or 6/2Kg Chinocetes Opilio
Snow Crab Clusters
Aristocrat 1/30lbs Chinocetes Opilio
King Crab Legs
Paralithodes Camtschaticus
Monk Fish
Private 1/5Kg Lophius Americanus
  10lbs or 6/2lbs Homarus Americanus
Black Cod
  1/50lbs Anoplopoma fimbria

The Sea-Trek Advantage:

  • One stop shopping for multi species from the North East Atlantic and North West pacific
  • In house USDC inspection and complete certification process
  • Consolidation of a wide range of products for multi specie products per container
  • Shipments per AIR and OCEAN freight available
  • LTL and FCL order possibility
  • Quick and easy access to product year-round at our partner cold store (Novafresh) in Antwerp, Belgium
  • MSC Chain of custody certified

We keep year round inventory of scallops and crab meat as well as many other items in Antwerp, Belgium as a central warehouse location for all EU countries. Take advantage of the currency exchange as we invoice in US$. Product can be purchased duty-unpaid (DDU, T1) or duty-paid (DDP). Many of our products find their way all over the world packed in private label, please call +1 (401) 884-3814 or email us for specific packaging needs.

Export sales frozen seafood Frozen seafood export sales

Export sales frozen seafood