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Frozen Bay Scallops

Sea-Trek imports, processes and distributes the finest frozen Bay Scallops from around the globe.

The Sea-Trek Advantage:

  • Lean organization able to respond quickly in fast changing commodity markets
  • A reputation for integrity that earned us the goodwill of customers and suppliers world wide
  • Vast industry knowledge and expertise
  • One stop source for; Grade A and USDC (export) inspected products
  • Proven track record and knowledge of certification and export logistics for global markets
  • MSC chain of custody approved
Frozen seafood Bay scallops Frozen  bay Scallops

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  • China bays(Argopecten Irradians)
  • Mexico (Argopecten Circularis) Peru/Argentina


Sea-Trek offers both 'All Natural' and 'Processed' frozen Bay Scallops in the following sizes:

Processed (Sea-Trek Gold) All natural
40/60 40/60
60/80 60/80
80/120 80/120

Available in the following pack sizes: 6/5 lbs, 2/5 lbs, 12/1 lbs and bulk pack ( 1/30 lbs or 1/10kgs )

Private labeled frozen bay scallop products are available upon request for both 'All Natural' and 'Processed' Bay Scallops.

  Case pack Case dimensions Case Cube TI/HI Case per pallet Net weight Gross weight
IQF Scallops 6/5lb 14.95 11.07 11.14 1.07 10/4 40 30lb 32lb
IQF Scallops 2/5lb 12/50 10.00 5.50 .40 14/7 98 10lb 11lb
IQF SCallops Retail 12/1lb 12.50 10.00 5.50 .40 14/7 98 12lb 13lb


Grading specification:


Frozen Bay Scallops are packed according to the count or number of frozen Bay Scallops per pound. Count per pound designations include: 40/60, 60/80, 80/120 and pieces.


Frozen Bay Scallops Scallops