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About Sea-Trek

Located between Newport and Providence, Rhode Island Sea-Trek Enterprises established over 35 years ago as a trading company specializing in frozen seafood from the Northeast USA & Canada.

With its close proximity to New Bedford, the highest grossing fishing port in America in Dollar volume, the focus on frozen Sea Scallops became natural in the early years of Sea-Trek.

The brand name “Sea-Trek Gold” was first used for our scallop packaging in the late 1980’s and to this day represents value, quality and consistency.

In addition to the scallops, in the early 1990’s Sea-Trek starting focusing on Snow Crab and Lobster from Canada, as the company continued to grow and expand into different markets.

Starting in 2002, after the introduction of the Euro, Sea-Trek became involved in the export of their products to the EU and built relationships with producers in China, Japan, Honduras and Russia.

Sea-Trek Enterprises has evolved into a major global player in frozen seafood, with focus on quality, consistency, transparency & sustainability. Please refer to our Products page for a complete list of items we provide.


Sea-Trek Enterprises, Inc.
45 Water Street / P.O. Box 59
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Email: info@seatrekenterprises.com
Toll-free: (800) 999-3814
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